Edited on 2010.12.09


Hello everyone.


My LJ is 100% NEWS-focused, so if you don't like them or you don't have much interest in them, please don't add me. 

If you want to be my mutual friend, please read these 'rules' first.

1. Leave a comment in this post explaining the reason why you want to be my friend.
2. Please add me first in your friend list, otherwise I won't add you in mine.
3. Don't repost my stuffs or translations without permission.
4. I don't require you leave a comment in each entry I do. But, if you want to be my friend it means you are interested in what I post. So once in a while you should leave a comment to let me know you are still interested in what I post.
5. I'll feel free to delete you from my friend list if: you never comment in my entries, you break my rules or simply because we don't sympathize.

If you don't agree with some of these points ( I don't think I require too much ), don't add me.

To my current and future friend list.... I'll be very happy to share the NEWS-Ai with you!!^^
Let's have fun together!!


I'm adding lj friends again!!! Make your request!!(^^)y

Konbachiwa minna!!!!!(^___^)m

After 3 months, I'm going to add new friends to my LJ!! 
Many users sent me private messages or left comments in some public posts I made recently. I didn't reply to your comments because I wasn't adding anyone in that period. To these users, if you still want to be in my friend-list, please read and leave your friendship request in THIS POST  (not in this entry).
Those who already added me and left a comment HERE, don't worry. I'm going to add you.
And, also people who was deleted from my f-list can send a request again!!(^^)y (If you aren't angry at

But, I want to be frank, I may not add everyone. I'll make a selection.

To everyone who left or will leave a comment for being added, I won't be able to reply to your comments because there are too many...sorry!(>.<) But I read them all!!

To all my future lj friends, let's have fun together and with NEWS!!!!(^o^)y
To all my current lj friends, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then....... I want to thank EVERYONE who wished (and will wish) me happy birthday!!! You made me really happy!!
And, I was touched that even some people who aren't in my f-list congratulated me as well!!
Minna.... ARIGATOU!!!


lj friends list cut


I'm going to do a big lj-friends cut. I'm going to delete many users from my lj friends list.
I was thinking about this since some time ago, and I finally decided to start it.
I want to have in my friends list only people I'm closer to and I sympathize more with.
I'm sorry for the ones who will be de-friended but this is my decision. So please don't start asking me why I de-friended you and if I can add you back again. I won't add anyone for a while.
Of course, everyone who added me as friend are completely free to delete me from their f-list.